Fight Waste at School

The last thing that should cross your mind is to throw that item into the bin!!  Choose to reduce, reuse or recycle your item and do your part!


  • Is it necessary to print off everything onto paper, if so can you print double sided
  • If you take lunch to school, aim for waste free lunches. Use reusable bottles or flasks for drinks instead of individual cartons, reusable airtight containers for snacks and packed lunches. And perhaps more importantly don’t take more food than you can eat!
  • Buy snacks with less or no packaging on them e.g. an apple instead of bag of chips
  • Use a washable reusable water bottle for school


  • Always use both sides of paper before throwing it away
  • Make sure your classroom has a scrap paper bin/ tray for paper that has only been used on one side and can be reused
  • Use old paper for making paper- Mache models or masks
  • Encourage your school to use refillable printer cartridges


  • The main material thrown away at school is paper, ask your teacher to provide a recycling bin in your classroom and at end of the week tip into the main recycling bin
  • If there is a vending machine, put a bin next to it and collect cans for a good cause, or make money for your school projects
  • Set up a composter for food scraps, tea bags
  • Encourage your school to buy recycled paper and other recycled products
  • Tell your teacher that the Eco-Depot will collect your recycling for free