Recycling FAQs

1. Why can’t I recycle everything?

The short answer is not everything has a market. But we can make a difference by buying products that contain recycled materials, because in order for anything to be recycled it must have a market to be sold. So be part of the solution.

2. Why recycle old batteries?

Batteries are made from materials and chemicals that include lead, cadmium, lithium and mercury, these are heavy metals which can leak into the ground when he casing corrodes causing soil and water pollution. By recycling batteries many of these chemicals can be recovered and used to make new batteries and other items.

3. What is e- waste?

A term used to describe may types of electrical and electronic equipment that use power supply or battery power. This includes TVs, computer components, phones, stereos, toys, toasters, microwaves, kettles. E-waste contains various hazardous materials such as cadmium and mercury which can be toxic to humans. It also contains valuable resources such as gold and copper.

4. Why is window glass and glassware not accepted for recycling at Eco-Depot?

Window glass and glass ware have different composition and manufacturing process than food glass container. They are regarded as contaminates in container glass recycling and pose a threat to glass recycling equipment.

5. How clean should my recycling be?

Clean recyclables make higher quality recycled products. Using rinse or left over washing water lightly rinse as much food residues from milk jugs, food jars and cans. Remove bits of food from aluminium food plates and foil before tossing into recycling.