Fort St John Curbside Recycling

Its a Fact! As of end August 2016,  more than 500MT (500000kgs ) of comingled recycling from the City of Fort St John  curbside blue bin program has been processed baled  and sent to market by the Eco-Depot Recycling Centre.

That is a lot of recycling thanks to the residents of Fort St John.

What is comingled Recycling?

Comingled recycling is the collection of recyclable waste together. Clean plastics, box board, mixed paper, cardboard, tin and alumunim foil are all collected in the one blue bin.

The aim of comingled recycling  is to reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfill by making it easy for people to recycle. People  spend less time and effort deciding how to sort their recyclables.

It is an easy system, the trucks that pick up do not need separate compartments, and at the Eco-Depot the recycling is not separated out but processed as is and baled ready for market. 

Is there a downside to Comingled Recycling?

Unfortunately there is! No sorting leads to increased possibility of contamination. Contamination is the presence of unwanted or prohibited  items in the blue bin. Because there is no sorting, unwanted items are more likely to be thrown in the bin.

The city of Fort st John has published a comprehensive list of prohibited items in their brochure on household garbage and recycling.

Residents should  therefore know what they can put and not put in the blue bin.

Some of the more common prohibited items are food and beverage glass, chip bags and styrofoam.

When recycling has minimun contamination, less time is spent by staff at Eco-Depot sorting it out, the risk of damage to equipment from broken glass is reduced and staff are safer. 

Better quality recycling means better recovery of materials for use in new products.


TIP!   Make sure the list of what to put and what not to put in your blue bin is readily available to all the people

         in your household


Check out the videos below from the City of Fort St John youtube channel.

See what happens to the blue bin recycling when it arrives at the Eco-Depot Recycling Centre

Happy recycling!