Where does my recycling go?

Once I drop my recyclables off at the depot, where do they go?

Recyclable materials collected from the bins and depots in the Peace River Regional District are transported to the Eco-Depot Recycling Centre in Fort St. John, BC for processing. The material is then sorted, baled and loaded onto transport trucks.


Newsprint and magazines are baled and shipped to Vancouver, BC or Edmonton, AB

Depending on the pulp mill, up to 15% recycled content is used in "new" newsprint. Some newsprint is sent to Edmonton where it is made into insulation that can be blown into homes.

End Uses: Newsprint, molded pulp packaging, cellulose insulation


Comingled Recycling also known as single stream, is made up of boxboard, plastic bags, hard plastics, plastic beverage containers, tin and aluminium all collected together.  Comingled is baled as is and shipped to facilities that have  technology that can sort out the different materials which are then  marketed to regional, national and international customers.

End Uses for Plastics: Recycled Number 1 plastic can be found in carpets, upholstery and fleece clothing

Recycled Number 2 plastic has many uses including non-food use containers (detergent and shampoo bottles), truck / box liners, shipping pallets, oil bottles

Recycled Number 1 - 7 plastic can be made into "super wood" plastic lumber often used in constructing decks and patios

Plastic Film, such as plastic grocery bags, made from #4 plastic is used to make other plastic bags and plastic containers


Steel cans are shipped to Vancouver, BC where they are melted down to make more steel. Just imagine the possibilities. The next tin can you recycle may be part of the rebar in the next bridge you drive across.

End Uses: "New" tin cans


Like newsprint, office paper goes through the pulping process. It is turned back into office paper for use in printers, photocopiers, etc. Office paper is also used as recycled content in toilet and tissue paper.

End Uses: "New" office paper, toilet paper, tissue paper


Mixed paper is shipped to Vancouver, BC or Tacoma, WA for processing.

End Uses: Boxboard, duroid shingles, Gyproc paper, cardboard liners


Corrugated cardboard is baled and shipped to processing plants in Vancouver, BC and Tacoma, WA. Recycled cardboard is turned back into "new" cardboard.

End Uses: Cardboard boxes, boxboard for cereal boxes, paper rolls


Recycled aluminum is shipped to the Alcan smelter in Kitimat, BC where it is made into new pop cans and other household aluminum products.

End Uses: "New" aluminum products


Glass containers are crushed locally with a glass pulverizer machine. The pulverizer crushes the glass to the consistency of sand or gravel. End product is used locally.

End Uses: Sandblasting sand, sand bags, ice control, decorative products, pipe drainage, gravel substitute for muddy shop yards

Would like to see how these items are processed?

We offer school and summer camp tours of our facility. To book a tour for your class or group, call the Eco- Depot at(250) 785-0300.