Reducing your waste is the best and most important step to help save the environment.

The less material you use, the less material you will have to dispose of. Use less, buy less, avoid waste, turn off lights, take shorter showers, carpool and more!

Before you make your next purchase, ask yourself...
  • Do I really need this item?
  • How is the item packaged?
  • Will I be able to recycle the packing?
  • Is the item meant for one time use?
  • Is there an alterative item I can purchase that will last longer?
Reduce Ideas for your Daily Life
  • Choose products made from recycled material
  • Bring a reusable mug to work
  • Send e-mails and e-greeting cards
  • Pass on reading material, at school, office, hospital or library
  • Renovating your house - donate or sell items you do not need
  • Rent items that you only use occasionally - e.g. tools, garden supplies
  • Buy items with less packaging material
  • Ask the post office how to stop the junk mail you receive
  • Buy good quality items that have a long life cycle