Reusing is preferred to recycling, because the item does not have to be reprocessed before it can be used again.

This will conserve valuable resources, reduce water consumption, air pollution and green house gases. Use things more than once, use cloth shopping bags, repair, re-gift, use travel mugs, compost and more!

There are many ways to reuse items.
  • Repair items instead of throwing them away
  • Share items with family and friends that you only use occasionally
  • Donate un-wanted items to charity
  • Sell items you no longer need
Reuse Ideas for your Daily Life
  • Use durable coffee mugs and glasses
  • Donate old magazines or unneeded items
  • Purchase reusable lunch boxes for your kids
  • Use reusable water bottles
  • Turn empty glass jars into storage containers
  • Use cloth napkins or towels
  • Participate in the Paint Care paint exchange program
  • Use reusable plastic containers in your lunch box